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Thursday, March the 23rd, 2017

I am adding an application recommendation when pairing the right integrated amplifier with our loudspeaker products.  After a careful amount of listening sessions combined with a few too many headphones and speaker systems, the best program to match with those for whom may use our speakers with computer audio is the Audirvana Plus application for Mac.  I don't have any real recommendations for the Windows world since my vast library music collection resides within my Mac OS platform.

I use to recommend on my other blog site, The Fidelia Player, but after more than a year in remaining the same version 1.6.5, the former player offers considerably more features and performance for the amount of money spent.  And now the latest version, for those whom haven't purchased the application prior to 1.6 have fewer configurable features such the options for using either the much more robust and highly customizable iZotope SRC and MBIT+ dithering options.  Ins…

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