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Sunday, November 5th, 2017

With "Bliss" out of the way in the near finalized form, I have a new design of a very compact loudspeaker with many of the qualities of "Bliss" in a much smaller form factor great for Fine Audio listening on a desk or a really compact bookshelf.  Having said that, I built a 3D printed prototype pair and listened to them using the typical freestanding method like in a listening room.  And because of their rather small size, I had to use unconventional methods in connecting them to the BMC PureAmp

My typical speaker cables for all burn-in and test rigs are the old Cardas Audio Golden-series and for those whom are audiophiles know that their cables are on the stiff and heavy side of things.  The final production version, I will have to insert some form of weight at act both as ballast and additional dampening factors to the speaker.  Speaker drivers are from Xponent Audio's in-house R&D HEILL-DE and the production manufacturer outsourc…

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