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Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Today marks the first day of attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas for Xponent Audio Limited.  I brought my UX Content Creation Manager as seeing this is first time at such a large event.  This is the hope at Xponent to become a member of this organization to push our products into the marketplace.  

More updates to come. 

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

With "Bliss" out of the way in the near finalized form, I have a new design of a very compact loudspeaker with many of the qualities of "Bliss" in a much smaller form factor great for Fine Audio listening on a desk or a really compact bookshelf.  Having said that, I built a 3D printed prototype pair and listened to them using the typical freestanding method like in a listening room.  And because of their rather small size, I had to use unconventional methods in connecting them to the BMC PureAmp

My typical speaker cables for all burn-in and test rigs are the old Cardas Audio Golden-series and for those whom are audiophiles know that their cables are on the stiff and heavy side of things.  The final production version, I will have to insert some form of weight at act both as ballast and additional dampening factors to the speaker.  Speaker drivers are from Xponent Audio's in-house R&D HEILL-DE and the production manufacturer outsource to a builder out in Ontario, Canada.  Two active drivers with a tuned and in-phase front mounted resonance vent to assist in true musical playback.  Essentially based on an Acoustic Transmission Line design, this rather diminutive loudspeaker will have many of the sonic qualities of "Bliss" but designed specifically for near-field desktop or small office/den listening.  More mainstream in a much more affordable package.  

The main construction material that I am aiming for is Maple due mostly by the fact that it can be spray painted due to the open grain (informed by a Wood Working Master) nature of the wood.  Because of the inherit nature of Maple, it is sonically ideal for a neutral sound and is less susceptible to environmental changes.  I will not build the loudspeaker out of Medium Density Fiber media mostly because I can't tune for the destructive frequencies attributed to the material.  Plus musical tuning uses constructive resonances to reinforce what is already a complex waveform oscillation.

Some food for thought

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The final design of "Bliss" will set the standard throughout our line of products.  More importantly, the Air Motion Transformer featured in our first product will be used throughout the line since it is able to deliver the impressive sound-stage presence combined with musicality coming exceptionally close to organic.

"Nirvana" however has been put back on to the drawing board mostly because it would have caused a conflict with "Bliss" and mainly because I desire to create a sonic signature that will define the entire line of products.  Thus I will focus in delivering Fine Audio Listening experiences without deviating from my Mission Goals. 

Thursday, March the 23rd, 2017

I am adding an application recommendation when pairing the right integrated amplifier with our loudspeaker products.  After a careful amount of listening sessions combined with a few too many headphones and speaker systems, the best program to match with those for whom may use our speakers with computer audio is the Audirvana Plus application for Mac.  I don't have any real recommendations for the Windows world since my vast library music collection resides within my Mac OS platform.

I use to recommend on my other blog site, The Fidelia Player, but after more than a year in remaining the same version 1.6.5, the former player offers considerably more features and performance for the amount of money spent.  And now the latest version, for those whom haven't purchased the application prior to 1.6 have fewer configurable features such the options for using either the much more robust and highly customizable iZotope SRC and MBIT+ dithering options.  Instead now, version 1.6 and beyond saddles the user with a simpler interface with the still very good if not limited Goodhertz SRC and Dither algorithms.  It isn't a bad thing, but Audirvana+ supports Direct Stream Digital, higher than 24/192 resolution/sampling rates, Streaming Services such as Tidal, and full integration of in-house and iTunes music libraries all in a single, easy to use interface application.

Just the thoughts of the hour.

Plus am providing content and launching the other model, Nirvana page soon.

Wednesday, February the 8th, 2017

Placed an "About Us" page in the hopes of showing my devotion to the musical art form.  I am an audiophile and a singular musician as I play the Cello, used my ears and love of music to create a product of my desires.

Give us a listen.  That is all I ask.  

Monday, February the 6th, 2017

I Finally finished the first products page for "Bliss".  Now to work on "Nirvana" as these two loudspeakers, though similar in design have different listening signatures and deliver a different listening preference.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Creator, Designer, Engineer, and Audiophile:

Business and Marketing:   

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Both Bliss and Nirvana are finally finished in both tuning and engineering.  Since I am the Creator, Designer, Engineer, and Business end (well, I have Help from a Good Friend), there are quite a list items before launching a product.  Because of this, I join the Los Angeles Orange County Audio Society to assist in the launch of my brand in a sea of significant competition.  I know I will succeed so long as I keep this frame of mind.  Here are two images of Nirvana in listening room settings.
 This image was taken from my Father's Sound Room.  Sitting behind Nirvana is an absolutely mint condition Rogers' Sound Labs LS3/5A 11-ohm configuration with bi-wire binding posts.  Exceptionally rare indeed.  Powering the Xponent "Nirvana" is the Sony UDA-1.  The decision to use this integrated amplifier is not to disturb the amplification configuration of the existing sound system.  Though during the original listening session, we were using the Roland Model 8 stereo amplifier along with the Roland BPS-8 battery supplement supply.  Speakers Cables from Anti-Cables Level-2.1.

Another Sound Room provided by another audiophile friend from the LAOCAS.  My speakers, the Xponent Audio "Nirvana" are featured standing to the right to provide a certain physical dimension.  Amplification by Teac Model AI-501DACables by Anti-Cables Level 2.1.  For details on the sound, please feel free to contact me for a listening session at or

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

I am nearly finished with the content package that I plan to add in this blog format.  Launching the site before the New Year is the goal I have in mind.  The next goal would be the Los Angeles Audiophile Show coming Summer 2017

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Not easy designing and creating new content for a website, but I will manage as my product line is ready for launch.  Anybody gander for a listen. 

Monday, October 10th, 2016

I have come up with a new design to complement "Bliss" and "Nirvana" loudspeakers.  Doubling as a stand and extended low-frequency unit, the crossover point allows for a deeper extension of frequencies without the boominess.  I have already begun the prototyping of the new stand/LF.  Using a multiple chamber design in a narrow profile to provide a near seamless transition from bookshelf to semi-floor standing monitor.  Two forward facing 4.0" HEILL-DE high-excursion Magnesium Alloy cone woofer drivers and two 20-gram weighted Passive radiators mounted on either side of the stand, I have managed to create a seamless integration of form and function.  Now comes the part for which I build it to test the design.  I will have to tune this vigorously till it matches perfectly with both "Bliss" and "Nirvana".

Mind anyone reading this is when I bring this as an addition to the current line up, I will present at the high-end audio show next year the floor standing speaker.  

Monday, September 12th, 2016

I need to focus in getting my site content back up to snuff.  This is where I launch my product to where those wanting to see it before actually setting up the appointment to listening and quite possibly purchase a set will be able to have the opportunity to do so.  

Both Bliss and Nirvana are ready.  All I need is to develop content for the site. 

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Building and adding new content to the site and format is time consuming.  Since I don't have other tools at my disposal, I can only move forward using Blogger at this time.  Since this is also the format that I am familiar with, I can develop the pages at my own pace.

Friday, July 29th, 2016

I will be handling orders till there are dealers willing to work with me to assist in launching Xponent Audio Limited.  I understand the risk factors when working with a new business, but I don't rely on this business venture to stay afloat.  I also have the business experience and financial understanding in balancing budget.

In the meantime, both "Bliss" and "Nirvana" loudspeakers are ready for listeners, reviewers, and enthusiasts.  I will assure those for whom are listening to these speakers that I aim to create a natural listening experience with the sole intention of delivering a faithful sounding product.  I intend to stick around for many years to come.  I can say this mostly because I have put a considerable amount of effort in developing this and I am still here.  Ready to show the marketplace what I have to offer in this highly saturated and competitive market.

Bookshelf loudspeakers are not what they are stated.  Bookshelf speakers are suppose to fit into encyclopedic volume style bookcases.  Now though, bookshelf speakers range from a size 12 shoe box to a large mini monitor.  My product aims to please in a true bookshelf audiophile loudspeaker fashion.  Please consider by listening.  Let your minds and ears do the listening to see and hear what music and instruments should sound like.

Xponent Audio "Bliss" and "Nirvana" - The Instrumental Truth  

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

New Content to be added on a regular basis.  Not daily, but when time allows.  Launching a brand and product is rather difficult especially in a highly competitive marketplace.  A small startup has to start somewhere especially with what I am attempting to launch.  Based on the first set of images, the speakers are relatively small in physical dimensions, but all it requires is a listen and one would understand what I am trying to create.  

An Audiophile Experience without having to resort toward having a small fortune to create the sonic effect.  With the sudden increase in prices gravitating toward sheer insanity, I desire to bring down this effect a few time fold by offering a high-end audiophile loudspeaker pair delivering on the performance rivaling many in the same physical dimension and character.  Just give us a listen and let the speakers sing for you. 

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

I am posting a few images of both "Bliss" and "Nirvana" loudspeakers just to allow those on the new site to see that I am serious in building up my brand.  

The image shown above features a studio with elegant pieces of wooden art and a pair "Bliss" loudspeakers built of solid Sapelie Mahogany.  Cables by AntiCables "Level-2", stands by Sonus, and the integrated amplifier by Teac.  The Source is from Astell & Kern AK180.  For a listen, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Xponent Audio Limited

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
As I have begun to revamp the site into a blog post, I will point out that I could have built a new website, but I desire to create the traffic required to build my brand in the format I have better understanding with.  "Bliss" will have its own page along with "Nirvana".  
Speaking of the speakers, I had one final tuning session with "Nirvana" to improve the upper frequency response to coincide with the liquid mid-range and lower frequency registers.  To my surprise, the flagship loudspeaker yields another quality that I desire by providing cleaner details and a fuller representation of the music being presented to the listener.  "Bliss" is already providing a clean and transparent sound-stage presence while providing a musical statement while the flagship, "Nirvana" adds a much more liquid mid-range with delicate treble extension thus furthering the sonic experience.  
After spending a better part of a decade developing these two models, I have begun setting to work on three additional models.  One of them inspired by Thiel Audio and an upcoming audio designer K. Boynton.  "Argo" is a cost effective audiophile solution for those seeking a desktop listening experience without the necessary use of a bass unit while the first floor-standing model "Ego" is targeted for those seeking the finer details of life.
Some food for thought.
Friday, July 8th, 2016

 Today marks the first day of a new method to drawn in extra views.  Xponent Audio Limited will use this format till we are off the ground.  I invested in a simple website with very little success.  Hopefully by using Google's large audience pool, I plan to expand and create a feature rich blog based website for the sole purpose of launching my brand and trademark loudspeaker products.

"Bliss" - The True Audiophile Bookshelf Loudspeaker.  Designed and Engineered here in the USA, combines true elegance in a package that is no wider than four Oxford Dictionaries.  True to Bookshelf dimensions, Bliss measures 12.0" x 9.0" (measured at the longest point) x 4.0".  Depending on the hardwoods used, the weight can vary between 5 to 9-lbs each.  The weight of the cabinet(s) carefully matched so as to maintain a physical acoustic dampening factor to match the internal baffle's dampening factor with the drivers installed.  Each crossover network has been painstakingly researched, developed, and built in house by the lead designer, tuning specialist, and owner as it was his creation.  Every component matched to deliver a well defined listening experience.

For more information, please visit the Products page coming soon.

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