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Using Make Shift Stands to Support "Nirvana" in a Sound Room.

      My name is Ying Kit Lee and I have an idea of what would be an ideal loudspeaker design and sound.  I spent the better of my spare time of Ten Years developing the cabinet, internal baffles, drivers, crossover networks, wire types, binding posts, and tuning methods.  I came across the design after listening to some of the finest audiophile systems and speaking with many audio engineers.  After paying a careful level of attention to every detail relating to design and engineering, I decided to commit to this shape to launch as my brand labeling.  I knew that wasn't enough however, as I begun tuning the first few prototype samples, I found that many of the key aspects of a small cabinet loudspeaker require a considerable amount of engineering to bring forth a sonic signature only unique to this type of design.

      I have not really been much of a fan of large frame loudspeakers.  My primary reason is the amount of physical space required to house such a cabinet.  It is true, in terms of physics for the ability to generate a full-range of frequencies, a medium to large frame cabinet would be required to deliver the frequency range desired.  

Until Now That Is.

"Bliss" and "Nirvana" being constructed and Tuned
      Understanding the physics of a smaller cabinet design, I set out to understanding and engineering to where I reached the point of where I created listening sessions with group of friends, co-workers, and fellow audiophiles.  The final product as shown above is the fruits of my labor.  Utilizing the traditional Acoustic Transmission Line, I managed to lower the resonance frequency while reducing destructive resonance thus delivering clean lower to mid-range frequencies while providing a sweet mid-to-high frequency transition.  Constructive harmonics is something of an art form and I managed to achieve the desired effect after a considerable amount of Trial-and-Error.  

     Now after all those years, spending what little spare time I had available, I managed to create my dream loudspeaker.  Complete with all the features desired from a Near-Field, Small-to-Medium dimension environments, and sometimes, larger room areas.  Having said that, I place a pair of "Nirvana" in my office and sometimes "Bliss" just to hear the differences between the two.  Both models will provide the listener a natural, balanced, and smooth listening experience while providing an aesthetic beauty mirroring closely to Art.

      Give us a listen.  I would love to hear what you hear.

Xponent Audio Limited "The Instrumental Truth" 

Ying Kit Lee - Owner and Creator - yklee118@xponentaudio.com

David Konrad - Business and Marketing Strategist - d.k.konrad@xponentaudio.com

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