Product - "Bliss" The True Audiophile Bookshelf Loudspeaker

"Bliss" The True Audiophile Bookshelf

After Spending a Considerable Amount of Time and Effort researching materials, designs, driver components, crossover components, conductors, and the overall audio engineering portions, "Bliss" was born. 

The exterior design and shape was carefully considered to provide the listener with the sense of being one with the music without creating coloration that could potentially take away the true meaning of what is, an Instrumental Truth.  Using hard woods as a medium combined with composites, a loudspeaker cabinet was born with the sole intention of delivering a musical experience akin to a musical instrument rather than just another loudspeaker.  Understanding the type of species of wood, we at Xponent Audio painstakingly developed this cabinet with the assistance of a Master Woodworking Craftsman to create this rather true bookshelf speaker to complement the environment it is in.  

Whether it is placed in an office bookshelf, library, or on stands, "Bliss" will deliver on the promise of true audio fidelity in an elegant package that will complement the environment it will be in. 

"Bliss" True Audiophile Bookshelf Loudspeakers in Solid Mahogany displayed at "William Ng School of Fine Woodworking"

      A careful amount of time and patience was put into the creation of this bookshelf loudspeaker pair.  Left and right channel are book matched as in loudspeakers are built from a single plank.  The grains, patterns, and fine details are mirror matched to one another thus both left and right channel are mirror images from one another.  This is the same in matching of drivers, components, and the audio signature including the absolute matching of frequencies (within +/- 1db).  This painstaking attention to details is what I put into the creating "Bliss" and will continue this tradition with other models to come.

The Drivers

     I first started with simple drivers and then eventually migrated toward working with a few loudspeaker manufacturers to design, engineer, and develop them for use with Xponent Audio Limited.  The Air Motion Transformer used is compact and delivers an impressive level of performance while being quite efficient.  Since I also desired to create an impactful sound stage presence, I worked with a small group of enthusiasts to design and engineer the mid-woofer to deliver what was desired"An Impactful, Smooth, and Liquid Mid-Range with low frequency extension support".

     Air Motion Transformers have the ability to deliver a very transparent, airy, and delicate representation of frequencies without being sibilant.  Combine these characteristics with a Mid-Woofer with a molded weight to add to dampening factors and improve overall low frequency and mid-range control.  And the effect is a smooth tonal sweep of frequencies without leaving anything behind.  The cone material used in the Mid-Woofer combines a sandwiched layer of Magnesium Alloy, dampening material, and Aluminum Alloy.  The decision to use these materials is after understanding and discovering the dampening factors of each medium to determine what would create the sonic qualities desired in any high-end audiophile loudspeaker product.

"Bliss" Constructed of Solid Birch - Raw and During the Tuning Phase
The Cabinet     

     Painstaking amount of detail went into the development of the drivers to deliver an impressive sound-stage presence, dynamic detail, and musical experience.  Understanding dampening factors, a considerable amount of effort went into creating an acoustically balanced sonic signature by adding some mass to the Mid-Woofer prior to final completion in order to provide a much more believable low frequency register.  

     The Shape of the loudspeaker is intentional primarily because it is unique and that allows the proper shaping of internal resonance without having to create an outer sculpted shell.  This style also reduces destructive resonance while promoting constructive resonance waves thus allowing the loudspeaker to become like a musical instrument.  And each pair of loudspeakers are custom matched to where they can only be sold as a paired set.  The fine details of the grain all flow smoothly toward each other and thus creating a unique music piece of fine furniture both aesthetically and musically pleasing.  Solid Hard Wood Construction is the key to allowing such a small cabinet to sound musically especially the way interior is shaped.
     To Learn More About "Bliss", please contact us for a listen.


- (1) HEILL-DE 1.0", Wide dispersion loaded via front panel cover Heil Air Motion Transformer with a set crossover cutoff point of 9,000HzTypical Dispersion of 140-degrees from 9-KHz to 20-KHz.
- (1) 3.5" HEILL-DE Magnesium Alloy Mid-Woofer featuring a 1.0", 4-layer Copper Clad Aluminum Flat Wire Voice Coil and a fully shielded Neodymium motor.  Set Crossover Cutoff of 12,500-Hz.  Typical Dispersion of 100-degrees.

Typical Frequency Response of 38,000-Hz to 35-Hz

Typical Sensitivity of 88-decibels at 1W/m.

Nominal Impedance of 8-ohms.

Solid Hard Wood Choices are Birch, Natural Maple, or African Rosewood.

Unless otherwise specified, every pair of "Bliss" loudspeakers will be finished in 4 coats of Furniture Grade Oil Hand Rubbed Finish with a final protective layer.    

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